sexta-feira, junho 09, 2006

My Birthday...Sometimes I can´t believe I´m still alive.

Tudo de bom pra todo mundo.
by Stereophonics

'It's your time
It's your day
It's never too late
To change lanes
How's your life?
How's your place?
Was it where you wanted
Your head to lay?

But wait,
you can breathe
You can see
what I can see
Don't waste your time
You can't make back

If you could rewind your time
Would you change your life?

Do you like you?
Do you love your wife?
Or did you pick
whatYou're told was right?

Dream and be
What you feel
Don't you compromise
What you wanna be

'Cause change is okay
What's the point in staying the same
Regrets, forget what's dead and gone

If Jesus rode in on a camel today
With your cross on his shoulder
Time to take you away
Have you done all you wanted?
Are you happy and warm?
Do you miss someone special
You don't see anymore?
Have you blood on your hands?
Do you dream of white sands?
Can you sleep well at night?
Have you done all you can?
The place I was born in
Stays crooked and straight
I see innocent blue eyes
Go blind everyday

Rewind your time
Would you change your life

9 comentários:

Silvia Regina disse...

Silvia e geminiana, como eu!! Desejo milhões de felicidades douradas nesse dia e que elas se espalhem pela sua nova idade afora. Beijos.

Kirti Chawla disse...
Este comentário foi removido por um administrador do blog.
Cucalelé disse...

enqto eu conversar com vc acreditarei...beijos,mtas felicidades e bolo diet!!!!

.:D_0ne:.:André:. disse...

It's never too late.
Is it?
Or it is not?

GRASI disse...


Michael Meneses disse...

Já vendir cd dessa banda.

Linda foto essa.
Ainda vou morar num lugar igualzinho.


Doug disse...

Não sabia...
Meus parabéns, ainda que atrazados!!!!
Sonhos não envelhecem e ninguém anula. Nunca deixe de sonhar.
Um superbeijo e um superabraço!!!

Silvia Cássivi disse...

Obrigada à todos. Adorei cada linha de 'parabéns'

I agree,it´s never too late....

Anônimo disse...


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