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Data: 12/08/2005 - 23:37
Descrição: Ouvindo 'Aqualung' by Jethro Tull


Tô seeeeeeempre ouvindo música....E cantando ;) Quem canta seus males espanta.rsrsrsrsrs

O dia foi bacanérrimo,a noite ja nem tanto,tô sozinha aqui :(
Ai,ai,ai..Nem vou começar a lenga-lenga de sempre...

Mas então,tá friozinho lá fora,adoro frio mas nem vou sair hoje;aliás tô dando um tempinho de balada.É só 'satisfação carnal' e sinceramente quero mais que isso!

Ainda de Jethro Tull

Veja só o comment ;)

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FABIOTV disse...

Olá, tudo bem? Não sou de balada, não sou de ficar cantando também hehe.. Bjs, Fabio

Silvia 'Sam' Cássivi disse...

* Fabio -
pois é, também prefiro uma coisa mais sussa

André Hottër disse...

Nossa nossa nossa.. como tudo o que é escrito fica guardado tá vendo. Reafirmando... tá linda na foto. Bjs.

preston122 disse...

Great picture Silvia! Miss you!

Here’s my Jethro Tull story: Many years ago some college friends got together and opened a bar/restaurant on Madison Ave. in Memphis called “Fantasia.” The idea was to be a classical and jazz music alternative to all the rock clubs in town. I also worked there; we had a full menu, a well-stocked bar and a baby grand piano, and had performers like string quartets and madrigals and jazz combos. The great pianist Phineas Newborne (,_Jr. ) played there often. It was a very sophisticated place and big with the cultured crowd!

The main owner was a beautiful woman with flaming red hair and very pale skin, who was also a very accomplished classical flute player as well as a great friend.

Anyway, Jethro Tull came to play a big concert at the Mid-South Coliseum and I came up with the idea of asking them to come party at our place after the show. I had a very elaborate invitation created as a scroll, with calligraphy and ribbons and a big wax seal. It looked like an edict from the Queen of England! I personally delivered it to the Coliseum’s stage door a few hours before the concert, passing it to some of the promotion company reps and crossing my fingers that it would make its way to the band.
It did — and it worked!! By the time I could get back to Fantasia from the concert, the band’s front man Ian Anderson was already there having a grand time entertaining folks at the piano. He stayed until very late, spent lots of money and tipped well. The only problem was, word got out, the place was jammed, and I had to pitch in to help out behind the bar — so I barely met Anderson and didn’t get to party much!
The topper to this story: Anderson spent the night with my friend the owner !! Now that’s Rock ’n’ Roll !! ;)