quinta-feira, janeiro 03, 2013

A few words by Ben

Ganhei um poema :)
Ele me conhece há pouco tempo mas ja esta seguindo direitinho a cartilha (e sem eu nem pedir).

'There was a girl, who liked The King
Who I met one night when out clubbing.

She asked me: sir, are you gay?
I replied: excusez moi? me? no-way!

So, she continued, 'what brings you here?'
surrounded by men- does that give you fear?

'no, not at all', I did reply;
Sexual relief, I heard her sigh.

A sweet darling, she seemed fun and bubbly
But deep inside was feeling lonely.

Why so much torment? She lives in hell?
Such a burden for this Memphis belle.

She explained to me, rambling along the sand
'My dream is located near to Grace-land'

She said to me: 'I seek the world's glories
To transmit through passionate stories'

By this point, I was very intrigued;
A foxy storyteller; yes, indeed!

So I asked her: please, tell me more.
While we sit on this Brazilian shore.

As the sun rose, its rays banished the night
She told me details about Kabbalisitic delight

Energies, and vows to self improve
All while listening to the Elvis groove.

Good and evil, virtue and sin
She looked at me and the fun did begin........'

Thank you, my dear

ps: se não entender inglês vá no link ao lado direito e escolha em qual lingua quer ler o poema

7 comentários:

Anônimo disse...
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Candy disse...

Noosssa, que tudo o poema, muito bom!!!

Adriana Alfaro disse...

que lindooo poema!
ele é um fofo!

Anônimo disse...

começou bem o ano, amiga!
feliz 2013!!


Silvia C. disse...

Sim, bem Ben
Ele é docinho

Edimarcio Medeiros disse...

What beauty!
everything was there
a secret writting
simply to hold on, the briefing:
how much you care, i mean,
how long we really could dare?

Silvia C. disse...

For a second I did..... now I see I was right, it was just for that very 'second' and nothing more.