sexta-feira, julho 19, 2013

Part2 - Graceland

Some more from the King´s house

 no 'duck face'. it is a 'cat face' 

jungle room
happy happy happy..... very happy

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Colin. G. disse...

Awesome pics I remember the mirrors along the stairway, it was told to us back then that Elvis had them installed so at any moment he could stop and fix his hair lol

Silvia C. disse...

Makes sense lol
I don´t remember hearing about it (still, I had the earphones but wasn´t paying 100% attention to it, it was like have fun, take pictures, listen to the 'tour guide', admire the rooms and furniture and, I swear, people asking to take pictures of my tattoos or talking about them and one lady even asked to take a picture with me lol).