domingo, dezembro 15, 2013

Tennessee Brewery, the model and the 40ºF day.

So when I was 'surfing' on Instagram (mine is cassivi1) I found one page with dozens of amazing rustic andabandoned photos of places and the guy - or girl, I don´t know who the person is- replied telling me that one of the places is in Memphis and it is called Tennessee Brewey... 
Of course I felt super excited with the idea of exploring such place, but also I knew it was not a place for girls to go 'visit' by themselves. I asked my ex if he knew anything about the place (since he knows so many things about Memphis) but he never heard a word about the Tennessee Brewery (or didn´t want to go there and simply lied to me, like he did about other area in the city - thank you :/ ). 

So on Nov 29th me and Preston decided to go make some photos not only about the place but of me :D
Some turned out REAL good! The place was closed, only the patio´s gate wasnt locked but it was enough for that day. There was an open window but to get in we´d have to walk through a ramp and my friend´s foot wasnt 100% so the photos had to be done all outside the brewery. 
Still they are nice! 
Here are some I took with my cellphone.

Can´t wait to go back to Memphis (I miss it sooooooo much!!!) and no doubt once I´m there I will get in ;)

"The Tennessee Brewery building stands at the intersection of Butler and Tennessee streets in Memphis, Tennessee.[1] It is directly on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. The building once housed the Tennessee Brewing Company, a leader in early brewery production"

It pretty was cold!! 
40ºF something and all I was wearing was a dress

Not a painting!  not even eddited.
the place just looks amazing and the right lights make wonders....

"The building that remains today was erected in 1890 and is basically unchanged from that time (other than renovations performed to keep the building intact for possible further development in the future).
The bottling plant was an add-on to the building much later, in 1938. Plans have been made in the past to turn the building into condominiums or shopping space, however none of these have occurred."  -- Wiki

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Olá Silvia, amei as fotos e o lugar..pena que não sou muito boa no inglês!!

Anônimo disse...

Amazing pics and place! *.*


Iza disse...

Sylvia, this place looks awesome. I enjoy taking pictures of old buildings - those ones that remind me of vintage style are my favourites.
Great pictures!
Iza <3

FABIOTV disse...

Olá, tudo bem? Por favor, quero a tecla SAP kkkkk. Aproveito a oportunidade para desejar Boas Festas! Bjs, Fabio

Isabela Faria disse...

Lindas fotos!
Eu adoro!!!
Instagram: @belamatuliones

Mery - Coqueluxos disse...

Lugar incrível... respondido lá no blog.. bjokas