terça-feira, março 25, 2014

From When a Dream Came True

So six months ago an old dream came true and after hours flying I could finally meet someone very important to me.
This meeting was a few years 'late' lol but when I knew this was really going to happen my heart would race just to think about the 'whole thing'...

I went from Memphis (TN) to Marco Island (FL) remembering all the times during years when I wanted that moment to come true and on September 25th last year it did!

 Ok, so I am scared of heights!
but after a few minutes (the first ones are terrible) I can relax a little and with time I will even look down there and take one or two (or 15) pictures.
 This is somewhere not so far away from Fort Myers Airport.

 lol me, taking pictures of the sky? trees and shadows?! 

 I wanted to go to the beach, to see "different places"
because I´m a "hurricane" lol
 Me gusta!

 I never get tired of going to the beach.... not even if not to lay there and relax, if it´s just to have a drink, 'force' someone to go outside with me and take a picture like this below lol

 There is something wrong with me!
I love water way too much to say it is normal....
 Snook Inn Restaurant
 And I love cold food but can´t stand shrimp served like this. I can barely look at it - don´t know why.
it was delicious though :/  

 Put a coin in the machine and get... another 'coin'.
I still have mine. In fact, it is now my 'lucky charm', I carry this thing no matter where I go

 Right next to a bridge there is a 'praia'
lol in Brazil it would be all polluted if not turned into a slum :/

 Under the bridge

 On the bridge
Look, water!!!!! 

On our way to another city.
dark clouds but still beautiful sky.
Almost everything about those days was super beautiful....
Wish I could go back in time (things would be so different....).

Good memories from the day I thought would never happen but when it did I was very happy.

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Marta disse...

É muito bom quando a gente realiza um sonho! Lindas fotos :)


Grã disse...

Oi Sílvia!
Lógico que não me importo que você post meu poema, muito pelo contrário, adorarei!


FABIOTV disse...

Olá, tudo bem? Bonita a foto do aeroporto. Parece aquelas imagens dos discos voadores em plantações... Bjs, Fabio www.fabiotv.zip.net

Dascha Boonstra disse...



PiotrowskaPaulina disse...

Wow, what a view !!

Maria Carolina disse...

Lindas fotos!
Certamente foi uma bela viagem!