quarta-feira, setembro 17, 2014

Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado

Wish 'we' were here....

There´s nothing wrong with my legs
the "marks" are just grass shadows

quarta-feira, setembro 03, 2014

Still surfing that same wave (?!?)

So when I was 'convinced to go visit Colorado the 'colors' were brighter... In fact, there were colors! But while I was there for 10 days I saw more black and white and grey than never.

I don't regret my days in  Colorado, what I should have done, since the beginning, was to not "trip into someone's words".

I did have fun (while still believing in fairy tales), and the nice moments do count.
 Who knows?! I believe in 'time and trying again'. Wouldn't say no (and I'm sure I wouldn't be/act the same).
Lesson learned.

And here are some nice pictures from the 'trip':
going from Tennesse to Colorado

Here in Boulder:

 Green Mountain

 Red Rocks

 Denver - Union Station 

Time will 'fix' the problem... I hope so!