quarta-feira, setembro 03, 2014

Still surfing that same wave (?!?)

So when I was 'convinced to go visit Colorado the 'colors' were brighter... In fact, there were colors! But while I was there for 10 days I saw more black and white and grey than never.

I don't regret my days in  Colorado, what I should have done, since the beginning, was to not "trip into someone's words".

I did have fun (while still believing in fairy tales), and the nice moments do count.
 Who knows?! I believe in 'time and trying again'. Wouldn't say no (and I'm sure I wouldn't be/act the same).
Lesson learned.

And here are some nice pictures from the 'trip':
going from Tennesse to Colorado

Here in Boulder:

 Green Mountain

 Red Rocks

 Denver - Union Station 

Time will 'fix' the problem... I hope so!

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preston122 disse...

There are some great photos here! I'm sorry the trip didn't turn out the way you had hoped. You're a marvelous person and have done so much for others. Soon the karma will be shining back on you as well!

Ann disse...

You look happy in those pics.
Too bad you didn't have a 100% great time on that trip.

Margareth Gervason disse...

Lindas fotos minha quelida.
Obrigada pela visita
Tenho uma ótima 6ª feira!
Beijos Coloridos!♥♥♥

FABIOTV disse...

Olá, tudo bem? Lindas fotos! Gostei daquela onde aparece você e o cachorro. Bjs, Fabio www.fabiotv.zip.net

F-lover Fashion Blog disse...

Nice piscina, nice post!
Kisses Gi.

New post
F-lover fashion blog

Anônimo disse...

Como sempre suas fotos arrasam!
Nossa Silvia, gostei da vibe da foto de você pulando, toda alegre.
Sabe a impressão que tive, parece que a cidade é deserta... Parece aquelas cidades que são fechadas, apenas para visita, ninguém mora. rs
#Loucura minha! hehehehehe... Saudades.

Uma Interessante Vida disse...

Lugar bonito... gostei das fotos... bjs

Gemma Donohue disse...

Such beautiful pictures
Love all of them
You look so beautiful and most
Importantly so happy :)
Fabulous post

Lary Mello disse...

nice pics <3


Silvia disse...

Nossa, que legal receber a sua visita no "Consulta"!!!!! Que bom saber que seu blog continua ativo, depois de tanto tempoooo!!! Lindas fotos!! Tudo em inglês!! Bacana!!!! Parabéns e bjs.