domingo, outubro 12, 2014

Fools/Fall Ball

Like their page says:
"Over the years people have gathered out in fields and forests in Northern Mississippi to take part in the Music and Celebration of Life with friends, family, foolishness and fun."

Camping, music, drinks, food, art, bonfire!
Me and Mary went to Waterford looking for some fun 'deep in Mississippi'.... and we found it.

 road trip between TN and MS

I love roads!

 You know you're gonna have fun when there's someone dressed as a green bear!

 awwww 3 weeks old cute baby

awww 36 years old cute babe

 it was a little cold so people were all in their tents or around fires.... but a few of us came to watch the shows.
and we had fun

 these two were the best part of the shows!
I mean the whole band was nice but these together were that good!
*sorry, I cant't remember the bands name*

I love it when it's cold!!!!
but Mary thought it was too much so we came back to Memphis..... 

I sooooo wanted to wake up to a foggy morning.... Next time I will!

3 comentários:

Rosh S disse...

Looks like a fun trip. Love the pics :)
Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

FABIOTV disse...

Olá, tudo bem? Quando eu vi esse urso, lembrei do Ursinho Puff kkkkkkkkk Bjs, Fabio

Rosa Mimmino disse...

What a nice event!!