terça-feira, março 17, 2015

Not that they were not good enough.... they were just not as good as they should

So these are from a photoshoot awhile ago.... photos that for some reasons (obvious reasons) were never used, wrong angle, shadows, hair on my face, outfit not fitting.
But, hey!, I like blurry photos! and the one missing my head - wow!
I see beauty in weird things.

Ernerstine & Hazel's, Memphis- TN

domingo, março 08, 2015

Travel Agencies.... Why do I say I don't use them?

Not that I don't need them.... I just find it easier to prepare my trips, decide when and where I'm going to this or that place.

Ok, why this topic now?
Simply because I have lots of people asking me about it.... and how come I can travel alone - no agent and 99.9% of the time on my own- Wouldn't it save me time and make things easier if I had someone to make the decisions for me? hmmmm No! It would annoy me.
I get myself a map of the area and spend some good time "exploring" it; I use internet (duh! Google "things to do...." and you'll find more than enough); Instagram is an excelent way to find out what tourists and locals are doing, use the app! Even asking for tips on couchsurfing is a good way to find "hidden gems". I set where to go, find ways to get there and "get lost" walking around.... what better way to know where you are?! And yes, I WALK to almost everywhere! Or ride a bike ;) Why take a taxi, bus, subway unless you're going to a super distant place, are in a hurry or sick or dying or it's raining and flooding all around? lol
Don't get me wrong! I do check travel agencies websites... I just don't feel the need to use their work when it comes to planning my trips -- I use their flyers though heheheh

One situation that in no way I'd travel alone: to go to places like Egypt :/ I give this example because I want to visit them sooooooo bad!!! But knowing it's not exactly safe for girls alone I would hire an agent and go with a group.

So basically countries/areas where I know being alone could be dangerous (like get stoned for wearing a sleeveless shirt or gang rapped)
For all the rest, just go! It is cheaper and the pleasure of travelling is even bigger.

My next trip?
lol probably any small town in Brazil.... I love them :)

See ya!

and here is one of the chipmunks that used to live in front of one of my windows lol 
they made their house (holes) and were LOUD early in the morning.... I guess to wake me up :P