segunda-feira, abril 06, 2015

La Casona, Pizzeria & Cafe - Buenos Aires.

One word to describe the place: Dirty

I spent a week in Buenos Aires and one day after walking like forever I was tired and decided to have lunch in this place downtown Buenos Aires (Corrientes Avenue, a few blocks away from the Obelisco).... the outside of the restaurant looked good and, even though it was kinda empty, I thought it was maybe because it was a bit late for lunch...
I sat by the window and in a few minutes a waiter brought me the menu and since my Spanish isn´t that good he was kind enough to help me choose what I wanted (ñoquis); I ordered gnocchi and melon juice.

You can´t really see but like I said the place was kinda empty....
Around 3-4PM I thought it could be because it was too late for busy lunch time, which at first was good, less people around.

Buuuuut the pasta was 'chewey" and dry.... I don´t know how they like it in Argentina so won´t complain on it, just say that I couldn´t finish and left the place still hungry.

 I still don´t know why I touched under my plate.... but to my surprise it was FILTHY!!!!
Not dirty from that morning, for example, it looked like that thing was like that for days :/
I called the waiter and nicely told him what I saw, he was kind and asked if I wanted something else.... -- Are you kidding?!?! 
With an extra polite voice I said no.... then he said "enjoy" -- Really?! He didn´t sound sarcastic or anything, it was like this happens everyday.
I asked for the bill and thought they´d give me a discount, a "sorry" note or anything... but nothing.
After paying I went to the manager to tell him about the problem, he got angry at me!!!!
It was like I was doing something wrong -- Not kidding!

NOT to my surprise when reading about them on Trip Advisor I found out that the mess happens quite often and it can get even worse.
Do yourself a favor and try another restaurant.