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Random Stuff

Yes, I am alive!
Yes, I know this blog looks abandoned!
Yes, I do care about it!
No, I don´t have time to come here all the time!
No, I did not abandone this blog!

And I will try my best to post some more from now on!!!

Here are some random old photos that for some reason I never deleted from my computer.
They´re all from last year while I was living in Memphis.
My comments on them will be as random so if you want to know more about this or that, just ask! -- I do bite but chances are I will not want to bite you.

 One Saturday night I was with friends and asked this one friend if the next morning he was going to Al Green´s church, he said no... ok
So next morning he´s knocking at my door and tells me I have 30 minutes to get ready because he had changed his mind and we were going to the church.
Yes, it is the same Al Green who got famous decades ago with nice romantic songs.... He´s been a priest/bishop for awhile now.
The service is something amazing! It´s like to be part of their group you must to know how to sing... they start preaching and then out of the blue they sing and it is so beautiful!!!
Al Green comes later and talks to us about the bible, about life, about how to behave, be a good person and "normal" church subjects.... He does sing! and I loved it! But don´t expect to listen to his old hits, these are all gospel songs that (I think) are not famous unless you´re a church goer.
You can take photos and record the service, many people did, I did! but the photos were all from a distance and not good quality (I have the decency to not bring a pro camera, took my photos with a cellphone).
Respect the place!
It is not a concert and even if you´re a fan he is there as a bishop/priest, not an artist.

After the church (from 11:30 to 2PM) my friend invited to go have lunch at China Inn (the place is close to the Al Green Church, on Elvis Presley Boulevard (around 5 minutes south of Graceland (yes, Elvis Presleys house)).
My first impression of the place: it needs Gordon Ramsey to come and give it a makeover! LOL
But there were lots of people in line, the place was packed!  I though: "these people like bad places, is the food that cheap or what?"
And this sign sayin the maximum staying is 2 hours... WTH?!
Ok, we got to a table and went to get our food at the buffet. There are two: Chinese food and Soul food (mine was 99% Chinese).

Ok, now the craziness starts: Their food is THAT good and I wanted to try everything they had. hahahah  Lucky me the Chinese side wasn´t so crowded, most people wanted the southern food, there was a line all the time I looked!
So me and my friend were there looking around and people coming and going and from where I was I could see that there was still a waiting line and we couldn´t stop eating. OH, my God!
At some poing I was like "ok, I get why the 2 hours maximum stay".

After eating till we couldn´t move we stoped at Graceland.... just because.

In Augsut there is a nice festival downtown called Memphis Music & Heritage Festival and even though I wasn´t really feeling festive (I was pretty heartbroken, that´s the truth) I decided to go..... and, yay, had fun!

Later that day a friend asked me if I wanted to help and work/volunteer for the Center for Southern Folklore.
My job: sell beers.
Oh, how much I needed all the laughs....

This is one of the beers I sold
Wish it tasted like pecan.....
This beer tasted more like soy juice!

This one is from Mississippi.

 mmmm yummy

Earlier that same day I met a girl who were performing some Brazilian songs.... since I am Brazilian I went there to congratulate her (well, also because he was really good).
Instant friendship(to months later I find out the girl is a nut case (worse than me!)).
This is part of her outfit.... 
I had to try it on, of course ;)

I don´t even know why this was here on my computer....
but I agree 100%

 Got this at Dragon China, a (I´m sorry) bad Chinese restaurant in Midtown.
I think the place is closed by now (can´t believe it would last much longer, it was that bad :/ ).

Dry white wine, my favorite (not necessarily this brand).
I got it because we would have an evening full of shooting stars and my idea was to sit in my backyard and have some fun watching the sky.
lol I remember the Friday afternoon when I opened it.... two hours later I drank it all and was happy/drunk.

And talking about cheap stuff, here is a classic good one.

The moon behind a nice art piece at Overton Square.
I miss it that place :(

The Rainbow Lake.
I took this photos to send to this guy I was dating - or hanging out, or making out, or fucking or whatever; in the end he didn´t want a "real" relationship.
I love that area of Overton Park anyway.

 I miss "my park" so much!!!!
All the trails
and you can also get lost in there... to "find" yourself surrounded by amazing spots.

This was my backyard in a heavy rainy day
also my porch, flooded.
I am telling you, it rained a lot!!! the drains weren´t as fast as the rain. Was I desperate?! 
Never saw it "in person", just on the news/movies.... then I had water up to my ankles and it was right in front of my door :/ 

Could this post be more random than now I post a photos of the ceiling of Shelby Foote´s bathroom?
It looks like a circus tent, I like it ;)

 If you´re downtown go see the sun setting, it is gorgeous!!!
These were taken from a patio in the back of the Cecil Law School; you can sit there and admire the view ;)

 Again, random stuff...
This goes well with the news I got today.


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Olá, tudo bem? Quanto tempo!!! Estava sumida... Fiquei feliz com o retorno e o blog atualizado. Bjs, Fabio www.fabiotv.zip.net

Margareth Gervason disse...

Lindo post bem diversificado.
Não sei ingles, tenho que traduzir.
Seja sempre bem vinda ao meu blog e obrigada.
Ótima 3ª feira para vc!
Obrigada pela visita
Beijos Coloridos!!!♥♥♥