quarta-feira, julho 01, 2015

I Dare You to Read all this Nonsense

The first time you came visit me in my dreams....

I took a nap. I was very tired.
I had to wake up super early, went to bed late.... Anyway, hmmm I had this dream, you and I were hiking in this beautiful trail; very, very, very nice place and it was a place that from up there we could see the ocean and a nice beach.
At some point I went down there to take some photos and when I came up back  I wasn´t hiking with you anymore, I was hiking with some friends, but because I walk too fast they stayed behind me and then it was just me and one friend hiking (I don´t really know these people, they were "dream people", you know?! they were friends just in my dream). Then this one friend stayed so behind me to the point I was like: "well, I´ll just go ahead and take more photos again", then I did it and make some videos of this beach from up the cliff where the trail was. I also made a video showing where we were going,  which was all the way up a mountain but at some point it was just rocks so we couldn´t really hike all the way because at some point we´d have to climb it... anyway.
Then I was just sitting down, trying to relax a little bit because, yes, I was super tired, but also kinda hiding from I don´t know who. Then I looked up it was you, hiring one of my friends to kill someone and I was like: 'What´s going on?", then I looked at you and you said: "oh, come up here, let´s just hang out!", but instead my camera fell down and I was just running down the hill, trying to escape from you and to go get my camera.
I got my camera, and the thing is: I was at the beach and if I looked to my right side there was just sand forever and the left side, which was the easier way to escape, was just a gigantic rock. I couldn´t just climb the rock, I would have to swim around it (thw rock was at the shore) and that´s what I did, I awam around it. Then I got to another beach where there was more people then I took a taxi, I was going to a police station to tell them that you were going to kill someone and when I got there they developed my photos (it was a digital camera at first but then it was just an old one). They did it and saw a photo of two of my friends from Memphis, naked in a jacuzzi and in another photo is was more people, two naked and some around posing for the photo.
Then I was already in a house, or whatever, still in this area where we were, and there was this guy from Chile, he was nonstop saying that he loves me and wanted to mary me but he was so emotional he could barely talk soso he was talking in English and Spanish and I was kinda pissed off because I didn´t want him telling me these stories and then you came back and I asked you to smell my perfum and tell me what you think and you didn´t like and I felt kinda offended.... then I went to get other perfum, I got some bottles  and was like: "ok, try these ones" and I don´t know where you had to go but you said "I´ll be right back and see if I like them" and  I woke up.

Now some pictures of Tibi.
He turns 15 years old this month =^.^=


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preston122 disse...

I took that dare -- great stuff! Also great that you remember so much of your dream! I've learned not to try "explaining" dreams any more. The very fact you HAD the dream is the important part -- you may have had some conflicts or worries to work out, and the dream helps you do so. That's the dream's job, so to speak, and it doesn't really matter what it's "about". Just having dreamed it is enough.
Great pics of Tibi too! Such a noble-looking kitty!

Silvia C. disse...

I recorded it, Preston.
Was going to send it to the person who was in my dream but.... never did.

See ya

Arco-Íris de Frida disse...

Gatinho fofo...

FABIOTV disse...

Olá, tudo bem? Dizem que os gatos veem coisas que os humanos não enxergam.... Bjs, Fabio www.fabiotv.zip.net

Anônimo disse...

Hello Silvia! First ... I have to make some posts in English to practice and bring others to my public blog. I see that comes around 20 to 30% foreign. Second, that crazy dream!
I also have some crazy dreams from time to time, but most often are my real friends who are in them. And always I end up sharing that dream.
Well, I await your visit in my blog and congratulations for your cat! ;) Miau!